Friday, June 3, 2011

Staycation in your own Bathroom!

June is already here which means Summer is near! Going to the beach, laying down for a sunbathe, and barbecuing with friends and family are the most popular activities in the Summer time.  

As much as being outside in the sun, having fun with family and friends is great fun, sometimes we all get a little stressed. A nice warm bath when you get home is a great way to release that stress.  Turning your bathroom into your very own personal spa is not very expensive and is delightfully beneficial. We all could use a little pampering to feel recharged and reinvigorated.

The first step of the bathroom transformation begins with getting rid of the clutter around your tub and making your space more peaceful by lighting your favorite candles and playing your favorite music as you soak your worries away... enjoy!  

LAFCO, Candles

LAFCO Candles would be the perfect candle to burn in your new Bathroom Spa.  They are as pleasing to the eye as they are as pleasing to the nose.
Designed to compliment any room in your home they create an elegant atmosphere while adding to the decor and ambiance of your space.    
These beautiful and versatile candles can also be moved from one space to another to create your own personal fragrance esthetic.  
Our favorites include Fue de Bois, Rosemary Eucalyptus, Marine, Cilantro Orange, and Chamomile Lavender.
Archipelago Lavender, Bath Salts

Archipelago Lavender Bath Salts help you experience the soothing benefits of Lavender oil with their superb bath salts made from 100% Natural Seal Salt.
Relax as you detoxify and exfoliate your skin as you breathe in the aromas of their Lavender 5 Collection, (a blend of Lavender, Bergamot, Orange, Lemon, and Eucalyptus) and take in the aromas of these five essential oils whose therapeutic properties work together to reduce stress and strain on the body while sharpening the mind.

 Kai, Collection

Kai captures the irresistible fragrance of your favorite tropical place. Inspired by the scent of the Hawaiian Islands, Their lotion is one of the most popular products among fans of Kai as well as their Mini Roll-on oil based perfume and Skylight Candle. If you are a true fan you will need all three as each product is high in quality and fragrance.Experience the top note of Gardenia wrapped in a blend of exotic white florals (Jasmine, Tuberose, and Lily).  

Kai's signature fragrance has been a favorite of many successful ladies like Oprah, Kelly Rippa, Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon, and Nancy O'Dell just to name a few.  

Lotus Love Beauty, Beauty Bar
The Lotus Love Beauty Soap Bars are generously sized each weighing about a 1/2 pound. Probably one of the largest Beauty Bars you will find on the market and also one of the best.   

No matter which scrumptious scent you choose these organic vegetable based glycerin-rich bars will moisturize your skin as it gently cleanses. Each bar is naturally tinted with exfoliating herbs and botanical oils when combined with water make a beautifully fragranced and luxurious lather.

Our Favorites include the Ananda (Citrus Saffron), Pritti (Jasmine Rose), and Shakti  (Verbena Coconut) Fragrances.


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