Friday, June 3, 2011

Accentuate Your Inner Beauty

Lotus Love Beauty inspires us to help others and feel good about ourselves  with their Fabulous Bath & Body Collection. Lotus Love Beauty  (LLB) is a collection of natural herbal and floral beauty bars, bath salts, bath oils, body lotions and candles. 

The finest ingredients from around the world have been united to accentuate inner beauty through aromatherapy and traditional Indian philosophies. All of LLB's products are handmade in small batches, using the most pure and exotic oils derived from herbs, botanicals, and spices. Inspired by the motherland of the Holy Cow, LLB's products are 100% vegan and never tested on animals. Their packaging is also recyclable.

Recently Lotus Love Beauty Won an Extraordinary Award !!
They were named Best New Product at the New York International Gift Fair in the Natural/Organic Category; for their Natural Soy Wax Travel Tin. All Natural Organic Soy Wax is hand blended  and features a hand braided wick then hand poured into a recyclable golden colored tin.

Lotus Love Beauty is brought to you by The Shanti Project, a grassroots cooperative dedicated to celebrating inner peace and beauty with a desire to initiate positive change in the world. A portion of each Lotus Love Beauty product sold supports The Shanti Project. 

"We want to give back to the global community by sharing a portion of the profits and offering our customers the opportunity to feel good about their purchase. 
 By being more collectively conscious: aware of our thoughts, words, actions and energies—we can make a difference. So go ahead... accentuate your inner beauty!" 
                                                                                                               Jessica Gulati, 
                                                           Owner/Creator of  The Lotus Love Beauty Collection.

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