Monday, April 25, 2011

The Neon Sign Collection

The "Neon" Collection from Designer Jimmy Belasco is inspired by his love of old neon signs. Just like our very own Hillcrest Sign that you probably drive by most days and don't even really notice. With his business partner Michael, Jimmy has traveled the world taking pictures of these famous signs and thus the Neon Sign Collection was born.Jimmy has been in the candle making industry since the early 90's in which we carried with his first collection ERGO and was also one of the first companies to start with Soy based waxes. All of Jimmy's candles consist of a blend of Soy, Vegetable, and Beeswax. The beautiful art glass used in this collection is hand tinted using organic dyes and can be used as a drinking glass when your candle is gone.  

Even though the glass is tinted a deep indigo, when it burns the flame glows through the glass in a stunning neon magenta.Jimmy's favorite candle in the collection is the F*CK candle or as calls it the 'Bleep' Candle. The fragrance is a blend of amber, lime & sandalwood.   

Jimmy Gives a Bleep; he donates a percentage of the profits from all of his lines to several animal charities including PAWS, Operation Kindness, and Best Friends Animal Society.  

Jimmy Says:"It is a candle that gives a BLEEP! I give a BLEEP, and I created my BLEEP candle so you could too GIVE a BLEEP -literally and figuratively!"

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