Monday, May 23, 2011

Paper Party Lanterns

Paper can do more for a party than serve as your guests' napkins. Whether the sun sets before or during your party, these paper lantern ideas set a festive and fun atmosphere.

Vellum Shields

 Cocktails at sundown are more memorable when you supplement the waning daylight with Asian-inspired lanterns. These tabletop ones consist of colorful sheets of vellum paper sandwiching tall votive candles in glass holders; chopsticks hold the paper in place.

Votive Candle Luminarias

These accordion-fold designs slip right over inexpensive votives. You can print any design you like onto white or colored paper to customize them for your party.

Striped Luminarias

 This modern nod to luminarias -- paper bags with votives inside -- updates the look with chic stripes printed onto vellum and wrapped around straight-sided square glass vases.

Photo Centerpiece

 If you're throwing a party for someone's anniversary or birthday, the guest of honor will shine with a set of photo frame lanterns. They consist of three hinged photo frames set around votive candles. The black-and-white photos are printed onto ecru-colored vellum paper, which is translucent enough for the images to be visible by candlelight.

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