Monday, August 29, 2011


Definitively Lafco New York is one of our favorite candles and we are fully stock at Cathedral. Name the perfect candle, The Lafco House & Home candle collection has been design to complement the ambiance and decor of each room in your home. These beautiful and versatile candles can also be move from one space to another to create your own personal fragrance esthetic. These beautiful 16oz candles will burn cleanly for more than 90 hours. Each unique blow glass vessel is filled with the finest fragrance blended into the soy based wax.  The pure cotton wick insures a clean continuous burn with maximum fragrance delivery.  When the candle is through, the one of a kind glass is yours to keep and use as a distinctive home accessory for years to come!

The Scent Menu for every Room:
  • Living Room: fresh cut gardenia.
  • Dining Room: celery thyme.
  • Bathroom: marine.
  • Office: rosemary eucalyptus.
  • Master Bedroom: chamomile lavender.
  • Boudoir: myrrh cassis.
  • Family Room: cortland apple.
  • Foyer: amber black vanilla.
  • Media Room: spike lavender.
  • Guest Room: daffodil.
  • Laundry Room: grass.
  • Powder Room: duchess peony.
  • Kitchen: cilantro orange.
  • Den: redwood.
  • Patio: geranium mint.
  • Music Room: thé au citron.
  • Breakfast Room: citrus berry.
  • Library: sage and walnut.
  • Game Room: blue bamboo.
The Scent Menu for every Home:
  • Beach House: sea and dune.
  • Lake House: water hyacinth.
  • Country House: english ivy.
  • Tree House: majestic oak.
  • Pool House: french lilac.
  • Towne House: seville spice.
  • Ski House: feu de bois.
  • Penthouse: champagne.
  • Ranch House: big sky.
  • Lighthouse: fog and mist.
  • Green House: garden greens.
  • Farm House: wheat field.
  • Carriage House: magnolia cypress.
Check out their floorplan. Find our favorites Lafco scents at Cathedral!!

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