Sunday, April 17, 2011

Simply Stated

Simply Stated Collection
by Laurel Denise

We've all heard the terms, "wearable art" and with the abundance of jewelry designers, who've introduced their collections to the world of fashion, it's true each handmade piece is art - however art does not equal uniqueness, in all cases. Laurel Denise Jewelry is truly unique by using her own original illustrations and unique handwriting to create stunning and fashionable artwork.  All pieces are made from 80% recycled sterling and individually handmade.

Laurel takes jewelry and turns it into an experience and a story.  Her work sparks emotion, inspires us with words of wisdom, and along with her dedication to her unique and authentic product she make wearing her jewelry personal.
All are incredible and will make a perfect gift for yourself, mom, or a special friend and you can pass them down for generations!!

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