Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Picks! for Halloween

Amy Capano, owner

Donald Vela, marketing & sales

Haydee Yanez, social media & sales

Creepers, Jeepers! Halloween is almost here. Is the beginning of the Holidays and we are thrill to present to you our favorites from this chilling Holiday. Here are the staff's favorite products:

Amy's Haunted Creatures:

  • Fortune-Telling Books, it doesn't take a crystal ball to find out this delightful book unlocks the secrets held within hundreds of names. birthdays and love. Featuring gilded pages and charming vintage illustrations.
  • Nippon Kodo Incense in Sahara Moon, the "Exotic & Nature" series that represents ancient history, mystery, and deep dream.
  • Tarot Plates, serve your fortune. These glass mini plate has a gold finish base for a luxe feel.
  • Jonathan Adler's Muse Candle, in blanc, noir and bleu. The vessel is the perfect pot for a posse of pretty posies.Warning: staring at this candle is addictive and there is no known cure!
  • Critter Plates, embrace your love of super cool critters with these plates. Also in Apothecary jars and Votive holders.

 Donald's Sweet & Spooky:
  • Jellycat's Stanley the Spider, a spooky spider! He is surprisingly friendly and cuddly for an arachnid, with soft polyester plush fur.
  • Voluspa's Santiago Huckleberry Candle, sweet and spicy, with hints of vanilla pod and sugarcane
  • Ganesha's Sweet Tooth book, with vibrant, graphic illustrations, expressive characters, and offbeat humor, this is a wonderfully inventive rendition of a classic tale.
  • Halloween Letterpress cards, spooky cards that are either entirely tree-free (100% cotton) or contain a minimum of 30% recycled content.
  • Tokyo Milk Dark in Bittersweet, the daring blend of bronzed musk and Tahitian vanilla create a pallet-teasing fragrance reserved for the most audacious of sires.
  • Nest's Pumpkin Chai Candle, a mix of wild pumpkin and spicy Masala chai, enhanced with notes of cardamon, ginger and cinnamon. A perfect scent for the fall or anytime of the year!

 Haydee's Day of the Death:
  • Patch's Skull Candle, black tea, anise, basil and citrus create a captivatingly subtle and surprising scent.
  • Voluspa's  Mandarino Cannela Candle, just like a traditional Mexican holiday drink this is scented with mandarin orange topped with vanilla cinnamon cream and finished with nutmeg and stem ginger.
  • Skeleton Letterpress cards, this skeleton fiesta card is perfect for the Mexican festivities.
  • Cacao Tabaq Candle, embraces the essence of cocoa, tobacco leaf & ebony wood warmed with a touch of roasted espresso. Native to the deep tropical regions of the Americas, the beans of the cacao tree offer an intense dark chocolate bouquet.
  • Mexican Coco Votive, this passionate blend has the rich, dark scent of Mexican Chocolate at its base. Rounded out with mild notes of bitter Almond, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Vanilla.
  • Tokyo Milk in Dead Sexy, a decidedly different collection of brilliantly paired fragrance notes of Deep Vanilla, Exotic Wood, White Orchid, Ebony housed in an alluring glass bottle decorated with an image of the iconic skull and crossbones.
Find them at Cathedral!

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