Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scent Menu: Easy Breeze Ocean

 Shoreline by Aquiesse
Salt & Pepper Shakers by Jonathan Adler

Oceano, statement diffuser by Illume

Marine by Lafco

We are feeling easy, breeze and do we dare say beautiful.Summer is almost here and this three items scream beach to us. Love them!
  • Aquiesse Shoreline Candle: has coastal notes of ocean air, coastal flowers, and precious woods.
  • Fish salt & pepper shakers: Inspired by some of our most iconic pottery, we've created a new range of Salt and Pepper shakers. Perfect as a hostess gift. Added bonus--the packaging is as irresistible as the product.Decorating Tip: Place a set in front of each of your guests to make your tabletop playful.
  • Oceano Essential Diffuser: Soft-touch packaging with beautiful foil detail. Illume charm hangs from diffuser neck. Alcohol-free. Leafy greens and summer fruits accented with hints of jasmine and white musk Also we have them in votives and candle in glass jar!
  • Lafco Candle - Bathroom (Marine): Reminiscent of a long soothing bath in an oversized tub overlooking the ocean, this clean marine scent laced with a hint of cucumber will make even a hurried shower a refreshing experience.

Hurry! Find them at Shop Cathedral!!

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