Monday, May 2, 2011

Spoil your Furry Friend!!

New Food Mat from Chilewich

When we started caring the Dog Mats a few months back we were asked what about a mat for my kitty cat? Apparently a lot of Cat owners agreed they needed a mat for their feline friends just as much as the Dog Lovers.

Just Released - the newest in the Chilewich Pet Line, Fun fish shaped mats fit for any feline and their human companions.
Great for messy Cats and Dogs, For under those pesky pet food bowls, these Chilewich Pet Mats are made from the same material as their signature basket-weave woven flooring. The pet mats are as adorable as they are  functional. When they get dirty all you need to do is wipe them clean or rinse them in the sink with soap and water. Made to withstand usual wear and tear, these mats will last you for years to come.

Available Right now in Carbon and Lime Colors.

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