Monday, May 16, 2011

SCENT MENU: Tokyo Milk Hand Creams

When the weather gets warmer and more dry your skin needs a little extra protection. Tokyo Milk Shea Butter Creams are a Spring time essential that everyone needs in their collection of body care must-haves.  

Made in the USA and packed with good-for-your-skin ingredients like shea butter, aloe and vitamin E, this quickly absorbing treatment also boasts good-for-your-soul scents; and at 2.3 Ounces these make for a great size to carry in your purse or hand bag and take where ever your travels will take you.

The Scent Menu: 

  • LE PETIT: spring bergamot leads to summertime violets and jasmine, autumnal vanilla musk and wintery sandalwood
  • DEAD SEXY: deep vanilla and exotic woods blend together and are mellowed out by hints of white orchid and ebony musk.
  • HONEY & MOON: sweet honey and sugared lemon blend with petals of jasmine and violet and are warmed with caramel, vanilla and sandalwood
  • EDEN: A gift from the garden, cassis flowers and white iris are mixed with fresh greens and bronzed musk
  • KABUKI: Sensual Lychee fragrance mixed together with sugared grapefruit, sweet jasmine, and warm vanilla
  • FRENCH KISS: mandarin and tuberose add zest to lush gardenia and crisp vetiver
  • GIN & ROSEWATER: yuzu zest and verbena leaves give way to mandarin blossoms, magnolia petals and notes of amber musk

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