Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Fifth & Madison Collection

The Fifth & Madison Collection has arrived in San Diego and is currently only available at Cathedral. This new collection comes from the East Coast, Boston to be exact where it has gained fame for elegant scents and green packaging. Fifth & Madison stands behind providing luxury and quality in all that they do. The candles are all individually poured by hand using their very own custom soy wax blend and the best wicks on the market to offer you the finest and cleanest burn. These Three Wick Beauties burn for up to 120 hours for your enjoyment. All the scents use only the finest fragrances blended by master perfumers. Each scent is designed to fragrance large areas of your home.
We have only had the line for less than a week and it is already becoming a Cathedral Favorite and we hope to be carrying this collection for years to come.
Experience for yourself the Luxury that only Fifth & Madison can give you with scents like Cosmopolitan, Coronado Breeze, Monaco, Le Jardin, and Ariende, as well as many more.

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