Tuesday, March 2, 2010

See what's New from Voluspa

Voluspa Presents:
Maison Blanc & Maison Noir

As we mentioned before Voluspa has done away with their basic Cream and Black Collection and now they have introduced their Newest Collection, Maison Blanc and Maison Noir.

There are 16 Candles that make up this Collection ~ 8 scents in the Blanc and 8 scents in the Noir.

The Noir set of eight fragrances has two familiar favorites that have been given an upgrade. Scents like "Crisp Champagne" and "Vervaine Olive Leaf" are now paired with "Black Figue and Cyphre" a mixture of fig, red currant, and cyphre. Other favorites include "Lichen and Vetiver", "Ambre Lumiere" and "Tuberosa di Notte"

The Blanc set of eight fragrances has seven new scents and one familiar favorite. Everyone's favorite "Saijo Persimmon" has been re-imagined in this collection and joined with it are scents like "Pink Citron", "Suede Blanc", "Orangerie D' Azahar", among others that we are sure you are gong to love.

Right now we have the candles in a fabulous tin that burns for over 85 hours and a new very handsome smoky colored jar that burns for 100+ hours. Priced under $30 these candles make the perfect gift for yourself or someone else.

Come by and check them out.

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